Alvin Shek

Human Robot Interaction
Deep Reinforcement Learning
Visual Scene Understanding

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I study Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University as a masters student. Entering CMU's MSR program, I am excited to develop household and factory robots under Dr. Changliu Liu and the Intelligent Control Lab. I envision a future where robot assistants can move heavy furniture, finish household chores, or even perform intricate assembly just from observing a human demonstrator once. I want to explore how to apply meta-learning to complicated, long-horizon tasks with noisy demonstrations from humans.

In my free time, I enjoy designing mini, sustainable ecosystems in glass containers. I also enjoy hiking, urban exploration, and eating food, while using photography as a medium to capture my sensations and emotions.

Engineering Projects

Robotics, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning


Travels, exploring, love of food.

Other Hobbies

Micro Ecosystems, Aquaponics
Veggie Gardening



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